Erica Anenberg is one of today’s most creative and original jewelry designers. With a design aesthetic that is dangerously sexy, yet classically innocent, Anenberg’s inimitable style is unique, edgy and versatile. Her work has garnered the acclaim of fashion and pop culture media, such as Marie Claire, People Magazine, and Fine Jewelry News. Erica’s achievements as a businesswoman and groundbreaking artist has resulted in articles on her everywhere from the Los Angeles Times to Entrepreneur Magazine’s list of Rising Stars.

Erica pioneered the rebirth of the double-finger ring concept when she launched her Twosome™ ring line in 2001. Crude versions of so-called “knuckle rings” first emerged in the ‘80s, but credit for the modern worldwide Twosome™ ring trend goes to Erica Anenberg. Her original Twosome™ design first hit the shelves at Maxfield in L.A. and she has since evolved the line into many different styles, which are top-sellers from New York to L.A. to Tokyo. Everyone from Jessica Alba to Rihanna to the Kardashian girls to American Idol’s Kara DiGuardi to Modern Family’s Julie Bowen has been adorning themselves recently with these finger-monopolizing gems.